Today was a simple day. All I really think about wearing was my big baggy new £1 2nd hand t-shirt.

But wait.

I have work.

Out pops one of my probably most underestimated wardrobe weapons, my dry-clean-only Oasis wonder.

So very Channel-esque, perfect for drawing attention away from (or failing that juxtapositioning) un-brushed hair, messy eyebrows and a massive cake hangover. Yes, they are real.

Oh, also, BumpIts.

Pure love their way today.


oh and I should probably also show you this too;

goodnight x *ignores profusely the fact that its is 3 hours into morning*



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Love’s Young Dream … In a Bag!

I’ve been a woman in training long enough now to have had a sizeable history with handbags.

Each that has gone after the one before  is closely critiqued for its improved style, excess room or superior hanging facets – it’s ability to collapse, clasp, zip, snip,shoulder-sling  and cradle a book collection far too vast for transport in normal circumstances (circumstances and logic are two things I have really never been a slave to…). I thought the only improvement my last bag could have afforded me was a built in coffee machine and automatic zip release. She was not be to be bettered.

Until last week.

I was browsing the Aberystwyth boutiques in innocence – if it had been a clubbing scene, I would have been the fresher just absorbing the potential partners around me, not particularly looking for anyone special, certainly not looking for a lay or least of all an orgy (in this strange, winding and ultimately disturbing unplanned annalygy, you can call an ‘orgy’ an extremely over productive shopping trip).

And suddenly the whole world, despite any reluctance felt on my part previous to that moment, turned very hollywood. Our eyes met, we ran through fields of gold straw and the edges on the screens of life began to get awfully blurry.

We fell in love.

Her price was an extortion by my wallets standards, but my heart insisted that absence would most definitely NOT make it stronger and in the end my anatomy was unanimous as I handed over my debit card.

I do work two jobs after all.

Ok, now I have got all the constipated literary rot out of my head, could I interest you in some facts?

It was from Polly’s in Aber, the most beautiful of boutiques ever to grace the British Isles. It is made by a company called Disaster Designs who’s whole collection, you must trust, is breathtaking.

It’s huge enough inside for all my crap, my laptop and the welsh student’s essential – a waterproof. Its also celtic-weatherproof, which will be excellent for all my unproventable wanderings to campus in the rain. Its also slouchy enough to be practical when it’s almost empty and had TWO strap options for ultra fussy people like me.

and the detailing. The detailing!

Thats enough from me. I’m going to go and do something much more intellectually appropriate for my IQ than sit around and write meaningless blogs about cleverly affixed cloth.

Or I might just sleep.

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Another Heroic Rescue

So I’m due somewhere extra important soon, but I feel like there’s always a moment to salute a new necklace into the pack.

She was rescued from Dorothy Perkins this week, having been majorly slated by her former possessors – the price for her heart was a measly £3, after glories days of being displayed at £15.

Anyway, she’s much happier in  her new home – so happy even, she told me yesterday, there are days where she forgets how irresponsibly traded her beads are and how her life probably started in a Taiwanese Sweat Shop (her subconscious blots out memories before the shop floor – too painful).

She says she’s glad I managed to compromise my shopping morals long enough for me to rescue her from the jewellery section.

Oh by the way, the pictures of my outside the Old College (our original University building in Aber) were taken while on a wee photoshoot with my uber talented friend Ruth, who’s jewellery I model both below and on her Etsy shop

Take a look!

Which reminds me, I must get on with that important engagement – Film night at Ruth’s!


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Dear Maths,

Maths. Maths, maths, maths.

We haven’t been friends for a while,

have we?

Things were never smooth, but after the break up at GCSE when I neglected to take you as an A-level, we really have drifted. Infact, aside from the odd nod when the till trips at work and I have to do all the counting in my noggin,  its almost like were strangers now.

Until I found a new use for you – clothes! When I robbed this beautiful piece of woollen geometry from my new house mate, its like we made sense again.

I meen, this is one of my favourite dresses, she’s adorable, but somehow you gave her a glow I haven’t seen in years…

And when I found this old belt for 50p, it was like you little long lost spawn and I just had to reunite you in a rallying moment of slow violin concertos and hollywood.

Too far yet?

So now you’ve heard the tale of how, even if it was just for a day, me and maths finally found a way to mutually benefit each other again. Until next time…. which I promise won’t have like the 2 month interlude this one did.


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Timeless Vixen Vintage

Oh my uncle david, I have just found a GORGEOUS new unattainable place for out-of-reach Dress Porn – I would love for you to join me in despairing rapture at coveting but never owning, due to the pricing.

I think these three are my most favourite, but I DID have a shortlist of about 10 I would happily marry, birth and die in.

Here’s the link where you can see them from all angles, see the prices, cry and laugh.

They are So beautiful.

Mercy Etsy, mercy! why do you hurt me so?

Post below any of your favourites and why?

Norms x

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Adventures With The Elephant

So, I hesitated at this top for two reasons;

1) I’m really not so sold on this new lets-wear-see-through-lace-tops-and-feign-oblivion-that-everyone-can-see-my-push-up-bra-with-extra-diamanté trend.

2) Its from primark. Barf at the human injustice.

however, my counter points include;

1) I kind of see sometimes glimpses of the sentiment behind the trend and am inspired to try and make it look little less tramp stamp. I’m not sure if it was successful or not but while my residence is still in Coventry I don’t see that I would have stuck out much either way ;)

the idea was to

a) make the look high waisted so that really the only part you wouldn’t normally see was a small strip of skin beneath the bra, and

b) use a plain sports bra underneath to minimise cleavage and  eliminate  ‘come-hither’ subtext.


my other counter-point is that I did not directly purchase this item from Primark, which means that it’s original owner did not only purchase this top from the devils lair – they then failed to appreciate and value the top by dis-guarding it.

So really, I’m righting two wrongs. Maybe.

Also, I know this is a somewhat ridiculous pose, but it has cause, I promise. Now in reality wore this with my skuffy Nike’s, which I did enjoy, but felt like something a little more glamorous could have been aspired for were I to wear this anywhere vaighly important.   So this is me imagining myself wearing super fabulous wooden wedges that chime in with the elephant necklace and that I can walk in perfectly, of course.


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Boiling day, saggy under-eyes, chores to do – Beige was the colour of the day.

Of course, not going for, but hitting anyway, the gypsy vibe. I swear I belong in a caravan.

Top: New Look. Shirt: No idea. Bracelets: a pressie from Natalie the great. I love them. Don’t you just love when friends buy what you would have bought yourself?

if my gypsy powers are as prominant as my gypsy clothing tenancies, I predict an erradicating of the bags via Bio Oil and more sleep, an eventual hair cut when I eventually get my pay cheque and a recurrenceof these wonderful bracelets in posts to come.

Oh and sorry for publicising your personal details, whoever’s phone number this is on my hand.


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