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50’s Housewife

Hello World!

So yeah, I’ve been gone LONG time, are you gunna make something of it?;)

ok good.

So I’ve become a little obsessed with this website called YouTube lately, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it?

Anyway, I’m gunna try my darndest to combine the two worlds on here, so

with me.


Here’s the latest one;




and for those of you redirected here to see info on it;

The top is an very old H&M one. I do really miss their basics range. pffft. good deeds bite hard.

The skirt was a carity sop find, New Look originally.

The belt, junk-shopped.

The earings!!!! I bought yesterday from my friend Becki from Flourish Buttons, who had an enchanting stall on the seafront in Aberystwyth this weekend. Go and spy her stuff here;

The lipstick  – Red Carpet Moisture Drench by I am in total love.

I was just having a blissful day in with my portable boyfriend, who is here to visit for the week. I came over all housewifey, dressed like this, cleaned the bathroom, kitchen and peeled potatoes while listening to the Singin In The Rain soundtrack! ….while he watched the football.

note to self: refind the feminist within me before its too late.


Also, in light of my absence I will be posting a back catalogue of outfits over the next few weeks, so don’t be confused if my hair seems to fluxuate in colour length and shiny-ness over the next few posts. You will get to see in to a world post-chop, post-dye and post-soapandglory shampoo discovery!

A scary time indeed. Till next time! Kathy x


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Today was a simple day. All I really think about wearing was my big baggy new £1 2nd hand t-shirt.

But wait.

I have work.

Out pops one of my probably most underestimated wardrobe weapons, my dry-clean-only Oasis wonder.

So very Channel-esque, perfect for drawing attention away from (or failing that juxtapositioning) un-brushed hair, messy eyebrows and a massive cake hangover. Yes, they are real.

Oh, also, BumpIts.

Pure love their way today.


oh and I should probably also show you this too;

goodnight x *ignores profusely the fact that its is 3 hours into morning*


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Dear Maths,

Maths. Maths, maths, maths.

We haven’t been friends for a while,

have we?

Things were never smooth, but after the break up at GCSE when I neglected to take you as an A-level, we really have drifted. Infact, aside from the odd nod when the till trips at work and I have to do all the counting in my noggin,  its almost like were strangers now.

Until I found a new use for you – clothes! When I robbed this beautiful piece of woollen geometry from my new house mate, its like we made sense again.

I meen, this is one of my favourite dresses, she’s adorable, but somehow you gave her a glow I haven’t seen in years…

And when I found this old belt for 50p, it was like you little long lost spawn and I just had to reunite you in a rallying moment of slow violin concertos and hollywood.

Too far yet?

So now you’ve heard the tale of how, even if it was just for a day, me and maths finally found a way to mutually benefit each other again. Until next time…. which I promise won’t have like the 2 month interlude this one did.


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Boiling day, saggy under-eyes, chores to do – Beige was the colour of the day.

Of course, not going for, but hitting anyway, the gypsy vibe. I swear I belong in a caravan.

Top: New Look. Shirt: No idea. Bracelets: a pressie from Natalie the great. I love them. Don’t you just love when friends buy what you would have bought yourself?

if my gypsy powers are as prominant as my gypsy clothing tenancies, I predict an erradicating of the bags via Bio Oil and more sleep, an eventual hair cut when I eventually get my pay cheque and a recurrenceof these wonderful bracelets in posts to come.

Oh and sorry for publicising your personal details, whoever’s phone number this is on my hand.


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The She Wolf

We were so lucky to win free tickets to The Clothes Show Live. This is one of the jumpers/tops I bought there with my really quit borderline hypothetical money. I was so poor. It was an unfortunate time to be so lucky…

The top was just so gorgeous and understated I just had to hope my ship would come in eventually and forward myself alittle green stuff. It was from the brand ‘CCKT’ and was designed by a new fashion graduate, so its always nice to support an emerging artistic cause. And gain something beautiful in the process.  To me it achieves all my aspirations of being classy and understated, without actually completely BEING classy and understated. Its still  a little slouchy and  a little reminicent of native america – so it still slips under the ‘me’ barrier.

The necklace was also a great find the day before in Accesorise, while wandering Covent Garden.

It was such a statement, so rewearable and SO like the tattoo I have toyed with getting for so long, that I only had to fasten the chain and it was like she and I had never seen a sunrise without the other.

Ok, well, it can’t be a she – the tusks – but my tattoo would definitely be tusk-less and womanly. And a feminist at that.

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The Clothes Show Live

So, if you hadn’t heard, it was a few weeks ago now that me and Hattie ( won tickets to The Clothes Show live via the very famous WhatKatieWore Blog!

As you can imagine there was much screeching phone exchanges between myself and Miss Peacock as soon as the results were posted, and plans were put in locomotion immediately as to how we were to achieve the very expensive feat of arriving and surviving in london for 2 days on the small budgets all students at the end of an academic year can expect to be on – roll on Student Finance pay day!

The journey down on the Megabus was spent in much anticipation, and with my mp3 player Missing In Action, it was my make up bag that was turned to in a time of creative  boredom emergency;

We arrived the day before, Thursday, and conviened  in Covent Garden for smoothies and warm up shopping browsing, a disproportionate amount of this time being spent in Lush (which in Covent Garden, by the way, is amazing – they have like loads of floors with a quaint curved ceiling basement and loads of stuff to try). I also bought the elephant necklace of my dreams which will be pictured in a minute, and an amazing little something for Rah (of earlier Community Clothing posts) which will be pictured on the blog at a later date in case she sees it prematurely.

Anyway, we stayed with one of my lovely friends of old and his house of medical student friends mid-study, so a happy evening was passed in Tooting (giggle) swapping storied with them then curled up on the sofa with Hattie watching Skins and discussing the ironic tragedies of Kerry Katona’s life, as prompted typically by a channel 4 documentary on her. (Did anyone else see this?)

Anyway, before we get on to the clothes, can we please take a moment to reflect on these two charming nuns on an underground escalator;

You can tell I was in clothes mode by now because I was admiring the unusual flattering colour of their habits, and the surprising subtle flattering tailoring when you got up close  – maybe being a nun wouldn’t be so de-liberating after all.

Here’s me by the WhatKatieWore/Suzukoi stand.

Sadly the light is VERY yellow, being in the exhibition was a little like being in a uterus or somthing, so the colours arn’t quit clear – I think I took some of the outfit at home, if I find them I’ll include them at the end of this post. The jacket has become on of my favorites of late. I dug it out and rescued it from our dressing up box, my brother wore it once while playing Buttons in a pantomime of some description  – hence the gloriously generous spreading of buttons by my mother all down the front.

oh and this is the elephant I love so fondly;

Another feature of this outfit I enjoyed thinking up was the rainbow shoelace in my hair that, until now, it’s partner-less state rendered it useless to me in terms of footwear.

I bought a few things I’m still trying to justify into my budget, but tried to keep spending minimal. You will see what I bought in later posts no doubt, I don’t want to make this post much longer than it already is – although it probably will be anyway.

There were some lovely pieces there I really adored, especially in the Vintage sections. There is something about a peice of clothing that someone else has had adventures in that still enchants me, and something about clothes that have made it through the forest of possible casulaties for clothes – they haven’t been wrecked by spillage, worn with age, mislayed on a bus, been sicked on by a baby, been ripped in an miscalculated dance move – some how they have made it though, owner to owner, to finally be entrusted to and enjoyed by you.

There of course was also the more disheartening side to big fashion events like this. The ‘trendies’. What made my heart sink a little was the frequency at which I was seeing the same combinations, the same patterns, the same cuts – all quite beautiful ( I love most of this summers trends, and have a smug and almost accurate belife that I loved them way before they were in fashion – florals, beige accessories, tribal prints, etc …) but so incessant in the crowds that it really took my enthusiasm for them down some notches.

Now, Hattie has a very expressive hatred of ‘Gladiator Sandals’. I see her point completely but am hesitant to commit to the same statement a) because I secretly don’t mind them in moderation and 2) have a secret fear that my bosom buddy Clark’s sandals you see in almost every post could be classified under the same category – oh the dread!

But its true, standing in the que for the main arena catwalk show, looking around me at mouse height, the sight was truly a SHAMBLES.

I mean, look! We couldn’t move for feeling we were in a Ridley Scott film. If only Russell Crowe had been there… sigh…

But yeah, that sort of thing really wants to make me stack my shopping bags, mount them like a poduim and scream ‘PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER WOMEN!!!’

Ever more appropriate was Hattie’s reading material brought for when her legs simply couldn’t support her shopping anymore;

ho ho ho, very apt. Oh Hattie, how I love you, let me count the ways….

So my lesson learnt for that day was-

clothes are beautiful.

they are not everything.

but they are beautiful.

There were in truth, some tacky stalls there. But there were also really inspiring ones with ladies who make their own produce, and can tell you all about the art they are creating for the pure love of it.

Over and Out Scout.


Sushi for breakfast!

Some perhaps clearer (if not, less yellow) pictures of my outfit;

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A Day On The Canal

yeah, so I’ve been on a bit of a sebatical.

so what.

I would love to tell you I’ve been finding my inner self, but really I’ve been eyeballs up in lovely friend reunitings, unpacking (pictured, accidentally, above), little niggly things with no collective names and a crazy new job. Perhaps more about that in another post.

This was the day I went on a canal boat. I was … a pleasurable yet tantalising glimpse into how life should be. More investigation into the benefits of canal life will be explored once I have atleast 200,000 pounds spare to buy one.

Don’t hold your breath.

So yes, it was a splendid day, and I got to enjoy one of my favourite, if not the, piece of clobber I picked up from America last summer. This one I got in at thrift shop in Santa Cruz. Colour and comfort make great bedfellows.

oo and thats a shoe lace in my hair.


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