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50’s Housewife

Hello World!

So yeah, I’ve been gone LONG time, are you gunna make something of it?;)

ok good.

So I’ve become a little obsessed with this website called YouTube lately, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it?

Anyway, I’m gunna try my darndest to combine the two worlds on here, so

with me.


Here’s the latest one;




and for those of you redirected here to see info on it;

The top is an very old H&M one. I do really miss their basics range. pffft. good deeds bite hard.

The skirt was a carity sop find, New Look originally.

The belt, junk-shopped.

The earings!!!! I bought yesterday from my friend Becki from Flourish Buttons, who had an enchanting stall on the seafront in Aberystwyth this weekend. Go and spy her stuff here;

The lipstick  – Red Carpet Moisture Drench by I am in total love.

I was just having a blissful day in with my portable boyfriend, who is here to visit for the week. I came over all housewifey, dressed like this, cleaned the bathroom, kitchen and peeled potatoes while listening to the Singin In The Rain soundtrack! ….while he watched the football.

note to self: refind the feminist within me before its too late.


Also, in light of my absence I will be posting a back catalogue of outfits over the next few weeks, so don’t be confused if my hair seems to fluxuate in colour length and shiny-ness over the next few posts. You will get to see in to a world post-chop, post-dye and post-soapandglory shampoo discovery!

A scary time indeed. Till next time! Kathy x


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Today was a simple day. All I really think about wearing was my big baggy new £1 2nd hand t-shirt.

But wait.

I have work.

Out pops one of my probably most underestimated wardrobe weapons, my dry-clean-only Oasis wonder.

So very Channel-esque, perfect for drawing attention away from (or failing that juxtapositioning) un-brushed hair, messy eyebrows and a massive cake hangover. Yes, they are real.

Oh, also, BumpIts.

Pure love their way today.


oh and I should probably also show you this too;

goodnight x *ignores profusely the fact that its is 3 hours into morning*


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Timeless Vixen Vintage

Oh my uncle david, I have just found a GORGEOUS new unattainable place for out-of-reach Dress Porn – I would love for you to join me in despairing rapture at coveting but never owning, due to the pricing.

I think these three are my most favourite, but I DID have a shortlist of about 10 I would happily marry, birth and die in.

Here’s the link where you can see them from all angles, see the prices, cry and laugh.

They are So beautiful.

Mercy Etsy, mercy! why do you hurt me so?

Post below any of your favourites and why?

Norms x

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Winds Of Change

So, the winds of change have lately been a-blowing in my camp, and im seriousy considering changing that ruffle on top of my head…

hahah – I did these on

cast your votes now!

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What Can I Say? I Just Look-Letted Myself Go!

Its just another simple story of love…

Girl meets fashion website, allowing her to be child whist mildly retaining any possible ‘chic’ credits she might have aquired by default. Girl and website fall in love. She gives him her password, her life, her heart.

but then things change.

He starts to take more – her VIP cereal eating time, her eyebrow plucking time, her social time, her DEGREE GETTING TIME. Before she knows it, this dashing but dangerous website has sucked up more than her heart – her sanity seems to be up the shoot too.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, lucky you, great, blessed are the pure of mind…

But, sadly, I’m about to ruin everything for you…

This stuff is Barbie GOLD. Like playing dress up, yet more intricate, more challenging , more exiting… AND – you can actually BUY the clothes on there – they’re REAL. (Ok, so I probably won’t be able to afford most of the stuff on there, save the Zara and H&M stuff, but you know, its nice to know you COULD, or someone somewhere could…)

Mess with the faces, the backgrounds, the underwear, the expressions….

I won’t speak much more, just play my friends, play. I haven’t yet been sad enough to dive into the trunk of ‘excess-obsess’ that is the Looklet forums – where everyone shares their outfits and various users become famous in with lookletland and are fawned over by other 13year old addoring fans – but I’m aware, things may change, someday.. after all, I haven’t started to read my Jane Austen book for my course yet… procrastination resources might need an extra boost.

(yeah, ok, so I got obsessed with the red heads – To psyco-analyse myself, I owe it I think to a childhood full-on obsession with ‘The Parent Trap’)
Anyway, what do you guys think? lame? yet another god-gift to woman kind (of course, his first three being men and heels and Vaseline)? Already discovered it? addicted? Or did I JUST pollute your mind? Ooops!
Obviously, these are my dollies, but feel free to post your own creations in the comments! very curious!

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