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50’s Housewife

Hello World!

So yeah, I’ve been gone LONG time, are you gunna make something of it?;)

ok good.

So I’ve become a little obsessed with this website called YouTube lately, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it?

Anyway, I’m gunna try my darndest to combine the two worlds on here, so

with me.


Here’s the latest one;




and for those of you redirected here to see info on it;

The top is an very old H&M one. I do really miss their basics range. pffft. good deeds bite hard.

The skirt was a carity sop find, New Look originally.

The belt, junk-shopped.

The earings!!!! I bought yesterday from my friend Becki from Flourish Buttons, who had an enchanting stall on the seafront in Aberystwyth this weekend. Go and spy her stuff here;

The lipstick  – Red Carpet Moisture Drench by I am in total love.

I was just having a blissful day in with my portable boyfriend, who is here to visit for the week. I came over all housewifey, dressed like this, cleaned the bathroom, kitchen and peeled potatoes while listening to the Singin In The Rain soundtrack! ….while he watched the football.

note to self: refind the feminist within me before its too late.


Also, in light of my absence I will be posting a back catalogue of outfits over the next few weeks, so don’t be confused if my hair seems to fluxuate in colour length and shiny-ness over the next few posts. You will get to see in to a world post-chop, post-dye and post-soapandglory shampoo discovery!

A scary time indeed. Till next time! Kathy x


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Dear Maths,

Maths. Maths, maths, maths.

We haven’t been friends for a while,

have we?

Things were never smooth, but after the break up at GCSE when I neglected to take you as an A-level, we really have drifted. Infact, aside from the odd nod when the till trips at work and I have to do all the counting in my noggin,  its almost like were strangers now.

Until I found a new use for you – clothes! When I robbed this beautiful piece of woollen geometry from my new house mate, its like we made sense again.

I meen, this is one of my favourite dresses, she’s adorable, but somehow you gave her a glow I haven’t seen in years…

And when I found this old belt for 50p, it was like you little long lost spawn and I just had to reunite you in a rallying moment of slow violin concertos and hollywood.

Too far yet?

So now you’ve heard the tale of how, even if it was just for a day, me and maths finally found a way to mutually benefit each other again. Until next time…. which I promise won’t have like the 2 month interlude this one did.


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Pop It, Lock It, Polka Dot it!

So my last week in Aber in the new house was an awesome one, although alittle chaotic clothes wise most of them were all packed up in boxes and motivation to relive the painful packing experience was low. Lucky I found these beautiful pieces in Cancer Research, especially with the Susuki Challange coming up.

The top is H&M and the spotty dress is Next, and I love them both dearly.

The Outfit additions went well too, adding my favourite blue charity shop skirt (born in NewLook) made me feel and warm, fuzzy and eclectic, while I can’t deny my relife in finally being able to recycle this teeth necklace I wore once out with the girls on Cavegirl night!

As you can see, the shoes didn’t last long, i just had to get my toes out. The aim is that by 2020 I will have hardened the skin on my soles so much that horrible shoes won’t need to be a part of my daily life any more. That. Is the dream.

Oh yeah, and the Suzuki Challange is a competetion I’ve qualified for on a famous blog WhatKatieWore. Please head over and vote if you think I deserve it, its the last day to vote.

Love to everyone, more posts very soon! x

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Ball Dresses and Balls Ups


But obviously amongst all the tights and armpit shaving, the fake eyelash application and the painstaking nail colour co-ordination, came a similarly world changing event – The Election Announcement.

Since this blog parades Cardigans over Camerons, Blouses over Browns and Polonecks over Politicians, I won’t say much. All I will say is that the normally appealing blues and saphire items just didn’t look so appealing in the harsh light of friday the seventh.  Big FACEPALM Britain, lets get it together.

So here’s my mourning outfit. Yes, moUrning. For our generation. For facepalm elections and us all being alittle headless chickenly box ticking.

H&M dress paired with big black tshirt (not a brand – yet) and charity shopped shoes, I think origionally from New Look.

Now, on to the real things in life… The Aberystwyth May Ball.

Thankyou for all your votes :) In the end I went with this one, I just felt more comfortable in it in the end (plus the boyfriend vote was a minor factor) If you think its unfair, we can go into consultation about a electorial reform.

ok, ok, no polotics, starting……

Yes, its my hippy skirt doing a shapeshifter from a few posts back :) I love the lace detailing and tie dye together, its kind of Victoriana Hippy. Worn with my trusty scout belt and Jaeger Blazer.

Oh and who’s this little guy?

Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce you: World, my favourite handbag in all of the galaxy; Handbag, World.

Its so fussy its divine.

So yes, overall Ball experience gets lots of thumbs and fingers and toes up. Boxes ticked:

Epic Feeder set, a famous but obliviously embarrassing DJ to mock (thanks for volunteering Westwood!), Oxygen bar, fair ground, crazy drunk welsh people, mud, burgers, bungee jumps….

Oh yeah and I MAY have met Bradley from Sclub 7, been a little bit liberal in my breeching of personal space, and told him a few times that he ‘changed my childhood’, which was greeted with an awkward smile and an expected restraining order from his lawyer in the post any day now.


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Home For The Weekend

Books taught me that however clammy, smoggy or urban your place of origin is, it always holds strange healing powers for the hero in distress. This week, I was definitely a heroine in distress, and as it happens the fabled cure turned out to re-heronise me too:)  Train rides and boyfriends admittedly were my main medicine of the weekend.  My friend Hattie lent me this book to read on the train, and I can’t express the healing powers it had over my ride;

Look into it, a great mix of illustration and pointless yet poinient jumble. I love.

Anyway, my good old adopted Nan (also known as ‘Nana Peachy’ – prestigious!) and my mum were going for a walk in Coombe Abbey (by far the best park in Warwickshire) so me and Nathan also bandwaggoned. It was one of those lovely bright but HEAVY days, where the rain is lurking but never seems to drop. Sometimes I find it pressuring, but that day I really just found it kind of comforting – the sky felt closer some how, dominant, as If it was some kinds of big duvet ready to jump down and hug us all at any moment.

On Nathan and I’s travels we discovered a suspicious sight  – a man standing stock still on a tree trunk, saying nothing, breathing nothing, just standing there like the tin man discovered in the forest in Oz. At first I thought it was some kind of official survey or something, but as we got closer it seemed he moved – He glanced at his watch and apparently satisfied with the time he has managed to sustain a one-leg existence, rode off on his bike, expressionless into the next field. It was a shake your head ‘whhaaat?’ moment. Anyway, we then had the trunks to ourselves – magical trunks – just LOOK at them! ;

As for the body coverings, It was majorly from the shadow if wardrobe I haven’t managed to fit in my halls room – Vintage denim hoodie, Mojo denim jacket, New Look dress and jeans, and my new but already beloved Clark’s sandals. Tripple denim. I know, daring. But I didn’t care that day, there were so many other things to care about :)

Cracking yellow flower field too. Perfect for return blogging!

Anyway, I am now back in Aberystwyth and ready to tackle all things Blog -i mean, degree…

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The Secret Garden

Once again, in complete subconscious, I dress utterly under the influence of my 8 year old self. I’m innocently sitting in Landscape class, feeling all grown up and womanly, and I look down and realise that once again she has struck and dressed me without my realising. Today is, with no shading of a doubt, inspired by my very long, doubious and fervent commitment to the film The Secret Garden. To say I was obsessive doesn’t quite cover it. I was a slight victorian enthusiast as a child (less enthused since I grew up and learnt the meaning of feminism) sparked but not souly ignited also by my love of The Railway Children, Jacqueline Wilson’s The Lottie Project and a little known but truely awe-inspiring children’s book called Lady Daisy. I even had a porcelain doll that looked just like Kate Maberly’s character Mary, who to this day hasn’t left my possession. Actually come to think of it, that MIGHT have been some of the cause of the fringe calamity…

Anyway, back to the clothes. So I love the juxtaposition in The Secret Garden between India and Victorian Britain  – it was such a rich contrast and the styles kind of lend themselves to each other – the finery and intricate detail, etc? Anyway for some reason I just couldn’t leave out this scarf from the mix this morning and now I know why – its that little injection of imperialness into my little Indian indulgence.

Oh gosh my post-colonial lecture revision really IS seeping into all of my life…

yes, I am wearing a Sari.

actually I’ve quite convinced myself after going round all day calling it a sari that its infact not a sari but another technically named type of Indian clothing… if anyone knows, please tell me, I’ve been trawling the internet trying to find out I’d love to know!

The ‘sari’ (I’ll have to settle for that as it’s working title) is from a charity shop. I’m terrified of the potentially possible mini film clip racing around in my head when I’m wearing it in town  – in which a little old indian woman from Aber advances on me demanding why I am wearing her sari without any bottoms and a proceeding rant about the crude culture and  indecency of the white girl….

The belt, I think I have featured before – it is one of my dad’s (and I’ve no learnt my grandad’s before him) scouting belt – good to know my waist is still the size of a small boys lower hips. fab. The victorian-y scarf is from H&M a world ago. the shiney glittery bracelet is from my friend Bev :) and the sandals are yesterday’s new Clarke’s ones.

Anyway, I’m going to leave you to get on with your evenings now, but for anyone who’s still hanging on and has got to this part, I’m going to post some other stills I found of The Secret Garden, purely for my own indulgence and for anyone else out there that is in love with this movie just as much as me…

Maggie Smith, you absolute legend.

thankyou hattie for again taking such nice pictures

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Community Clothes

So, I like to live in community with my friends, especially when it comes to clothes. Sharing is my fave, and when I went to intrude on my dopplegander Rah in her country home, we proceeded with our usual ritual of showcasing all our garment finds since the last time we saw each other.  Seriously, we get so in to it sometimes it is surprising we don’t use powerpoint. The show and tell is usually proceeded the next morning by an avid sampling of each other’s clothes, and further discussion – how they feel, how they smell, how well they fit, who they would suit … lalala.

So this is my creation. One of our little wardrobe love children, if you will. The Skirt made all of the rest of it happen to be fair, its AWESOME. It’s Rah’s and its from Select (I returned home this easter not only to find my family had replaced our old fridge with not a thought to tell me, but also to find that they have closed Coventry’s Select, so I couldn’t copyher –!). The socks are my first ASOS find that I haven’t sent back, I enjoy them thoroughly, purple tights were a preasent, the top is H&M, the cardi is River Island odour la Charity Shop and the flower is also Rah’s.

Rah also put together a cute ill bucket of juicy clothes – my green H&M tutu, which I have had since I was about 13 and have never found an eventuality where it is not appropriate, and her very girlie/nautical stripey top from i-dont-know-where-but-I-will-ask. I like it, its kinda prep meets cheerleader meets fairy…

Oh and what would be a Rah/Kathy get together without some accessory exploitation?!

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