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I am contemplating sharing my soul in a blog. Transparency sounds inspiring, liberating, a little of stupid, a little of scary. I will let you know the outcome.




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What I Need.

Kathy needs …

according to the first ten results on a google search of ‘Kathy needs …’

Kathy needs to give herself some credit.

Kathy needs a Komb.

Kathy needs candy bars.

Kathy needs more attention.

Kathy needs to start poking.

Kathy needs a liver and a miracle.

Kathy needs numbers.

Kathy needs mafia.

Kathy needs to drive to a city some distance.

Kathy needs to step back into her nursing home.

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In Which Kathy Goes Rummaging In Her Dressing Up Box.

I know what your thinking.

Harem Pants.

But really, once, my mind was as sceptical as yours.

Do me a favour. Try some on. Your thighs will thankyou.

Quite apart from them sinching you beautifully at the waist, all that summer cellulite just has some private time to just flap around for a day and be its self.

Comfortable doesn’t cut it. And I love these because they’re red and statementy, and everyone knows that I’m truely not ashamed to be wearing something so taboo – even if they do have a circus air to them.

So what if the are the crocs of the clothing world?

S club 7 spent way too much of their time and energy teaching me to ‘wave my hands like I just don’t care’ for me to stop now. I love them.

And I’m sure I must rock them way better than my seven year old self professing as Aladin.

Plus,  with a party trick like this , who can really argue their worth?

( THANKYOU Bev for photography, also note the Noah and The Whale concert t-shirt – give them a listen or die very unhappy )

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Pop It, Lock It, Polka Dot it!

So my last week in Aber in the new house was an awesome one, although alittle chaotic clothes wise most of them were all packed up in boxes and motivation to relive the painful packing experience was low. Lucky I found these beautiful pieces in Cancer Research, especially with the Susuki Challange coming up.

The top is H&M and the spotty dress is Next, and I love them both dearly.

The Outfit additions went well too, adding my favourite blue charity shop skirt (born in NewLook) made me feel and warm, fuzzy and eclectic, while I can’t deny my relife in finally being able to recycle this teeth necklace I wore once out with the girls on Cavegirl night!

As you can see, the shoes didn’t last long, i just had to get my toes out. The aim is that by 2020 I will have hardened the skin on my soles so much that horrible shoes won’t need to be a part of my daily life any more. That. Is the dream.

Oh yeah, and the Suzuki Challange is a competetion I’ve qualified for on a famous blog WhatKatieWore. Please head over and vote if you think I deserve it, its the last day to vote.

Love to everyone, more posts very soon! x

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Dirty, Horrible, Disguising Beautiful Coveted Things

I hate to Covet.

I really do.

I think it’s immoral, wrong, selfish, dirty…..

But with these things in existence WHO CAN REALLY HELP IT.


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And How Many Pennies for my Philippino Friend?

I feel like wearing a bin bag forever.

I’d just like to say…

How did the world get like this.

Yes Topshop, I like your clothes. They are very nice.


That wasn’t what I asked though was it?
I want to know that your not going to be a dick with my money.

I want to know that fashion is as fun for me as it is for them.
Yes, them.
You know.

Yes, I like clothes. Not for anyone else. I like fabric. I use fabric in my art. I like to wear art. I like to live in it.
Yet companies like the CCC (Clean Clothes Campaign don’t recommend a boycott. I guess because it leads to Jobs being lost here, and eventually a collapse of the company and NO income for the workers eventually. And I can’t afford the little range of  non-middle-aged clothes available to me online. Which would lead me to just carry on buying and write the odd letter to David Cameron every now and then?
Besides the thought of correspondence with David, there are other unappealing hesitations that just make me want to go

There must be SOMETHING I can do.

all the CCC seem to be doing though is asking us to write letters. The deep buried confrontational mammal inside me just wants to stride in to the corporate management office of H&M and have a fit throwing mini potted palm trees and latte makers at their heads for having so much power and being so stupid with it.

But did we give them that power?

And surely if I stop feeding (not excessively, but enough) into the fashion industry, great artists in fabric will never get commissioned to work, and thats sad. Just imagine, Alexander McQueen takes a job in accounting instead because he can’t support himself long enough to develop that long awaited and long mourned talent all crushed and rolled and flat-packed inside him.


any solutions, or shared grievances are welcome in the comments box!:)

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Enlisting YOU.

OK, I am enlisting you guys to help with my obese conundrum! only 48 hours to the May  Ball and I still don’t know which dress I’m wearing. I have been deliberating for weeks to no avail and the time has come to seek wisdom outside of my sphere.

I’m such a girl.

I seriously can’t choose. Hattie took these round her house when I tried them on for her two weeks ago, when i burdened the very same angst. Please help!

If you are reading this vote below and I will read them at the end of the day and take your word for it – I am that desperate.

On the one hand the first is fairtrade, but I’m afraid alittle too wrap around beachy, and the second is from New Look, as I have mentioned before, so there is potential for a double take some-one-wearing-the-same-dress disaster. Which I dont know how much I care, but yeah, it factors.

Obviously I’ve styled them both slightly diffrently in the two pictures too, so let me know which you prefer. I’m obviously an indipendant woman and all, but they are all so me its got to the point where it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is I know

which one.

If you could help me out I would be forever indebted to you all.

After all, I’m meeting:

this could be the most important occasion of my life.

and its tomorrow.


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