About This Blog and It’s Sister

Hey, well, the thing with ME is I actually already HAVE a blog;


But I felt like I need to chuck some of the clutter of my life somewhere alittle less formal or poetic – the clothes I wear, the shoes I love, the cartoons I follow, the films that buzz me- etcetcetc.

So I guess, I will love both of my blogs equally, as children – but If you would like depth, well, kiss a frog, but if er……. you would like breadth, kiss my Cardi!

Basically, if justkissmyfrog is the book, justkissmycardi is the trashy magazine.

hope you enjoy, this blog is fueled by pure Kathy gas, but was inspired by women such as;


What Katie Wore – possibly the most beautiful blog ever, set up my her boyfriend, in a challange for her to wear a diffrent outfit every day of the year!



My classy-ass buzzy-brained friend Hattie, who writes a fabulous fashion blog for us all to lick the plate of every post she uploads;



a great and little known vlogger who should deffinately be better known, also humming out advice etc about make-up, clothes, etc



One response to “About This Blog and It’s Sister

  1. Hi Kathy! I saw your blog, and thought it was really cool. I’m a 22 year-old English student from Minnesota, USA. You’re an English student too? Yay!

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