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Other Entries – In NO particular order


This one really makes me laugh if I squint and pretend Janet’s eyes arn’t there – putting the frogs mouth as her mouth is so genius! Great entry!


This is so pretty and symmetrical – It would make a lovely book cover. I also love how the princesses ponytail flips out of the heart frame, very stylish.

Miss Random Rants


Henry the Frog

I once had an unnamed frog
I watched him all day on his log
He sat and he sat
He swam and he swam
But something is up with him

“Why!” I exclaimed to no one at all
“I just want a friend” he croaked
Shocked and afraid I took his advice

I then had two unnamed frogs
I watched them all day on their log
I loved them with all of my heart
But something seemed up with number one

The next few weeks passed like a dream
I could hear wedding bells them both
But the next day to my shock and dismay
I found number two belly up

“Why!” I exclaimed to no one at all
“I just want a friend” number one croaked
Still shocked and afraid I took his advice

I again had two unnamed frogs
I still watched them all day on their log
I still loved them with all of my heart
Yet something was still up with number one

The next couple week passed in a blur
Of frog food and a ribbiting purr
Just a day later number three was gone

“Why!” I still exclaimed to no one at all
“I just want a friend” number one croaked
Still shocked but unafraid I took his advice

I then had an unnamed frog and a beta
“Beta’s are tough” I said to myself
He will stay with us for sure.

A week later I ate my words
“A Beta, Realy?!” I said to my frog
“I only want a friend!” exclaimed number one
“No more friends for you” I replied

I then decided to name my frog
A name to fit his crime
I thought and I thought
Finally I named him Henry

“Henry” I exclaimed
Just like Henry VIII
He killed his wives
Just like you

I have a named frog
I watch him all day on his log
He sits and he sits
He swims and he swims
And nothing is up with him

Haha! Well I never expected Spouse murder to come in to the competition, but here we are and I liked it alot! Lets hope it wasn’t an honour killing.



I love the atmosphere in this poem – I feel like I could imagine what it would like to be a frog now – probably not a healthy attribute! AND THE PICTURE IS GORGEOUS! Such detail, must have taken you ages Grace, its beautiful!


HAAHA this was hilarious – even if me and you Maddy are the only people to find it so.

I think I want to do a video of ME sitting on a tortoise to the same whistling.

In a weird way it reminds me of Creature Comforts?

Great entry!


This was such a well thought through entry, I love the explanations as to why each item was used and I absolutely DIG the turban/headscarf! The pattern looked like frogs eyes. Lovely Lottie! Also, I want your name. I do not know why this writing is so small, I can’t change it!


Oh Mikhaela. Defiantly one of the most original of the whole competition. You take being a frog so seriously, its great! Good luck with your croak.

“At the end of the day, you’ve just got to remember – Only the best of us can be frogs.”

I completely agree. HEY. Maybe I will start calling my viewers frogs? hmmmm.


p.s. you should all go and check out her collab channel  – I have loved it long time.



I love the mystique of this one – really original. Don’t you think it  would make an awesome t-shirt design?!

Her second entry was also REALLY pretty. Its cool because when you squint, the frogs KIND of look like lily flowers in the water. Great entries!



these little creatures are endearing creations! You must have a very steady hand. Dare someone to get these as tattoos.

Really enjoyed this.


Okay, at first I was, as I’m sure you were, like ‘WHAT.’

But I have watched it several times now and I am sure I get its abstract intricacies. It has a kind of hypnotic quality. Don’t deny you were humming the tune hours after watching it.

Great :)


This one was SO cute! I literally did a ‘awwwwww’ out loud when I received this entry. Tell me you are going to do something adorable with it, like stick it to a pencil or onto a hairclip and use it in your hair :)


I loved this! Don’t the lips just scream Moulin Rouge?


I love the ‘human frog’ element to this entry, so creative, and collage is ALL I did in my art a-level, so its safe to say I love this. Great thoughts behind it too, and the black henna detail is divine!

See close ups and an explanation at;



LOVE LOVE LOVE . So pretty, and the layout is so stylish. I can see this on a canvas at Ikea. You should all also go check out Rosy’s stunning blog, I had a snoop the other day and fell in love.



Absolute GENIUS of an entry. I’m seriously considering making one myself. Perhaps in a crazy colour! Really inspiring.

I wish I could give everyone big fat juicy prizes for being so AMAZING and committing so much time to the frog kingdom!

It was seriously so FUN and so HARD at the same time to judge this, the interregnum between the contest closing and this post has basicall me in a room going ‘uuuuuMMMMMMMmmmm…..’

  All your entries have been a joy to read/hear/watch/stare in wonder at. THIS WILL DEFINITELY happen again. Ideas for future competitions are very welcome! 






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2 responses to “Competition Entries & Winners

  1. Wow what an incredible collection of froggy creations!

  2. Kathy! I’m glad you liked my “human frog” element :D I loved all the entried, and I think the winner is the one you chose. Somuch effort!! Made me want to live there too! All the entried were great :) what a creative bunch. And yes! more competitions, please. They’re great fun :D
    youtube username: nutty0nat

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