Pink Nouveau by Mac Lipstick

So, my friend Hattie ( had a little fall out with this lipstick, they wern’t the best of friends. So thankyou Hattie for letting me take her off your hands! Not my usual tone of pink, but I think we will be great partners!

I haven’t edited these pictures at all and they were taken in natural light, so the colour should be as true to life as possible.

Of course, the signature Orange nails, as I do live in a bright orange house! :) Barry M.



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4 responses to “Pink Nouveau by Mac Lipstick

  1. Yaaaay!!! I missed reading your blog! :D For some reason, as much as I like watching videos and gurus talking about make up in general, I’ve rarely used lip stick. I don’t know why, I think I must have tried some on when I was a teenager and didn’t like the look of my lips and discarded the idea of ever using lip stick again… If you had to recommend a drugstore brand for lip stick, which one would you recommend? Maybe I’ll try using some -starting with light browns, nude(ish) colours, maybe?

    • Its not for everyone, but you really should try it! I find it really empowering :) My Favourites are definitely Revlon for mattes, and No7 for moisture ones :) I love ‘Perfection’ by no7 and ‘Almost Nude’ by Revlon are my ultimate nude lipsticks, SO much quality and I’d say as good if not better than any clinique or Mac ones ive seen :) good luck Nat! I always love a comment from you! :) x

  2. Thanks for participating to my contest! :)
    And If you win I want to see a video of you dancing! haha
    It was So funny when I read it! :)

  3. Cool, I’ll bear that in mind :)

    Aww that’s really nice of you! Unfortunately I can’t communicate with you via videos, because for one I don’t have a video camera; and also I’ll start working as a teacher next year and I have these horrible thoughts that my students would find the videos and awful things will happen. So I’ll keep to my blog for now :)

    Could I be cheeky and ask for a post card from the US? I like “collecting” them :P

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