Lipstick Lodge

So here’s just a partner post to my lipstick video, just to accompany it with a completely natural unedited natural light shot of the lip colours –

So, from the right and reading along like a book;

* Red Carpet – No7 Moisture Drench * Perfection – No7 Moisture Drench * Shiny Conker  – No7 Moisture Drench * Colour 15 – ‘Mac Venomous Villains’ … maybe * Colour 8 – ‘Mac Venomous Villains’ … maybe *

Clinique  – Free with Glamour March 2011 * Gravity – Urban Decay * Wine Not – Revlon Matte * In The Red – Revlon Matte * MUA * MUA * MUA shade 1 *





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One response to “Lipstick Lodge

  1. Jess

    I’m so tempted to go out and try a couple of those, thank you for the swatches, they’re quite helpful. :)

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