Welsh Beachwear


So I broke. Just once, but once is enough.

It is human nature to disobey yourself. And me, being me, forgot for a second that although I am many things, I am not SUPERHUMAN.

I bought a dress from Dorothy Perkins.


It was stupid, it was irrational, it was against my moral code.

But boy is it pretty.




I know this has a jokey tone, but I was genuinely disapointed in my self for several days before I would even let myself enjoy this dress. My only comfort is that it is from their label ‘Doll & Frog’ who are a group of recent fashion graduates just starting out. So I guess I’m supporting them at least. They do deserve it, it IS beautiful.

Reasons why I hate to honour Dorothy Perkins as a brand in particular at the moment… click here.

ANYWAY, on a less grim note, the rest of my wearing;

Jacket – H&M 2006

Boots – Spot On

Scarf – H&M (gift)

Earings – Aberystwyth Arts Centre


This is the beach RIGHT by my house. As in, if I lean out of my window and look left, it is the first thing I see.

I had the pleasure of having my gentleman-caller come to visit and act as my camera man, so I thought I’d treat you all to a little outdoor OOTD.

Hope you are all smiling this Saturday :D


Kathy x




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