Harbouring Embarrassment

So, in the interests of recycling, and not at all because we nurse an unhealthy obsession for the blogging world and it’s soldiers, we bought some second hand dresses from Mademoiselle Robot. Mine was this gorgeous cotton madame that makes me feel as if I am one of the Von-Traps.

I find this post bitter sweet in its execution, because while I am fairly happy with the way it turned out, and really like my wardrobe… well, the thing is, I live right beside a harbour! And I know this shoot would have been so freaking EXCELLENT out there.

But as long as I am a blog fraidy cat, I really cannot bring myself to take pictures in public. I did it in the wilderness that time (insert a thats what she said joke here), but really even then I was on edge like the mystery machine could drive up at any second and expose me as a narcissist. I’m just to embarrassed.

Hattie likes to take them for me sometime and I love her for it, but we are busy women living at opposing ends of the seashore, so if anyone lives in Aber, actually reads this crummy crap and doesn’t see this blog as a complete extension of my own vanity and self involvement(a point which I am not completely devoid of agreement with myself), then you know, let me know if you want to have some fun taking pictures!



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3 responses to “Harbouring Embarrassment

  1. maybemavisdavis

    Hello Kathy! I feel the same with the whole outdoors photos, and i dont even have a blog! if i am by myself and want to take a picture of myself (it might be when its crazy snowing so i can send to some one stuck in a hot place, or a picture of me with my bike etc), but sometimes i just get over it and accept the fact that i probably wont see anyone, let alone anyone i know! haha.

    What i really wanted to say here was that i found a blog which is about you from the future! haha, now im not a crazy person (much), but i found this future you blog awhile ago and i was thinking “that looks a bit like justkiss mycardi in 15 years time. haha. She buys All of her clothes from thrifting (and she dresses nicely and doesnt look at all cheap!!) and is a hippy (not sure if she would call herself a hippy or just a 70’s girl, but i will, cos she is amazing) and has cute kids and is preggers with another!

    so if you want to see you in 15 years time with a blog, (or what i think i you will be like) check it out!! lol.

    p.s. it may sound like i am her, and giving myself advertising, but im not! i promise!

  2. maybemavisdavis

    Sorry, I just realised I am logged in on my sisters blog, and i had just said i dont have a blog. Im not a crazy person i promise! haha.

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