Today was a simple day. All I really think about wearing was my big baggy new £1 2nd hand t-shirt.

But wait.

I have work.

Out pops one of my probably most underestimated wardrobe weapons, my dry-clean-only Oasis wonder.

So very Channel-esque, perfect for drawing attention away from (or failing that juxtapositioning) un-brushed hair, messy eyebrows and a massive cake hangover. Yes, they are real.

Oh, also, BumpIts.

Pure love their way today.


oh and I should probably also show you this too;

goodnight x *ignores profusely the fact that its is 3 hours into morning*



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3 responses to “Simpliday

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  2. maybemavisdavis

    I think I love you, haha, you are hilarious! Definately going to avoid those shops. H&M will be tricky as I buy alot of basic things from there. eek. The others are slowly becoming a part of my life.

  3. David

    Hi.Love the blog.

    I think you look fantastic and love the photos with the £1 2nd hand tshirt and black skirt.

    Thick black tights go so well with the outfit.

    Keep up the good work.



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