Another Heroic Rescue

So I’m due somewhere extra important soon, but I feel like there’s always a moment to salute a new necklace into the pack.

She was rescued from Dorothy Perkins this week, having been majorly slated by her former possessors – the price for her heart was a measly £3, after glories days of being displayed at £15.

Anyway, she’s much happier in  her new home – so happy even, she told me yesterday, there are days where she forgets how irresponsibly traded her beads are and how her life probably started in a Taiwanese Sweat Shop (her subconscious blots out memories before the shop floor – too painful).

She says she’s glad I managed to compromise my shopping morals long enough for me to rescue her from the jewellery section.

Oh by the way, the pictures of my outside the Old College (our original University building in Aber) were taken while on a wee photoshoot with my uber talented friend Ruth, who’s jewellery I model both below and on her Etsy shop

Take a look!

Which reminds me, I must get on with that important engagement – Film night at Ruth’s!



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7 responses to “Another Heroic Rescue

  1. What- £3- I must get myself off to Dotty P’s- I’ve been wanting to buy that necklace for ages!!!!
    5 DAYS till I see you!!

  2. Rach

    Looking pretty as always :)
    Love your friend’s jewellery, but why is it all in dollars? I can’t work out whether I can afford any of it!

  3. Hey Rach :)
    If you look at the price on each item you can click the currency (i.e. USD) and select to see it in pounds :)

  4. maybemavisdavis

    Your hilarious! Haha, please post more often!!

  5. Top blog, I hadn’t come across earlier in my searches!
    Continue the fantastic work!

  6. Came here from your YouTube account. You are INSANELY talented and such a lovable oddball! I hope you don’t think I mean to say you look any less beautiful with makeup on, but you’re breathtaking without any.

    It’s 3.05am in India. Ugh must get to bed.

    /creeping you out.

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