Dear Maths,

Maths. Maths, maths, maths.

We haven’t been friends for a while,

have we?

Things were never smooth, but after the break up at GCSE when I neglected to take you as an A-level, we really have drifted. Infact, aside from the odd nod when the till trips at work and I have to do all the counting in my noggin,  its almost like were strangers now.

Until I found a new use for you – clothes! When I robbed this beautiful piece of woollen geometry from my new house mate, its like we made sense again.

I meen, this is one of my favourite dresses, she’s adorable, but somehow you gave her a glow I haven’t seen in years…

And when I found this old belt for 50p, it was like you little long lost spawn and I just had to reunite you in a rallying moment of slow violin concertos and hollywood.

Too far yet?

So now you’ve heard the tale of how, even if it was just for a day, me and maths finally found a way to mutually benefit each other again. Until next time…. which I promise won’t have like the 2 month interlude this one did.



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2 responses to “Dear Maths,

    You look like a 6 year old. And you know I mean that with the greatest respect and admiration, because most of my outfits make me look 6.
    I miss how scruffy your hair is.
    Also, you look b-e-a-utiful in the close up shots.

  2. Sarah

    I thought this may have been about accounting for Souly…. aha!

    But a do adore that dress.

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