Adventures With The Elephant

So, I hesitated at this top for two reasons;

1) I’m really not so sold on this new lets-wear-see-through-lace-tops-and-feign-oblivion-that-everyone-can-see-my-push-up-bra-with-extra-diamanté trend.

2) Its from primark. Barf at the human injustice.

however, my counter points include;

1) I kind of see sometimes glimpses of the sentiment behind the trend and am inspired to try and make it look little less tramp stamp. I’m not sure if it was successful or not but while my residence is still in Coventry I don’t see that I would have stuck out much either way ;)

the idea was to

a) make the look high waisted so that really the only part you wouldn’t normally see was a small strip of skin beneath the bra, and

b) use a plain sports bra underneath to minimise cleavage and  eliminate  ‘come-hither’ subtext.


my other counter-point is that I did not directly purchase this item from Primark, which means that it’s original owner did not only purchase this top from the devils lair – they then failed to appreciate and value the top by dis-guarding it.

So really, I’m righting two wrongs. Maybe.

Also, I know this is a somewhat ridiculous pose, but it has cause, I promise. Now in reality wore this with my skuffy Nike’s, which I did enjoy, but felt like something a little more glamorous could have been aspired for were I to wear this anywhere vaighly important.   So this is me imagining myself wearing super fabulous wooden wedges that chime in with the elephant necklace and that I can walk in perfectly, of course.



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5 responses to “Adventures With The Elephant

  1. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

  2. sally

    Hello, i saw this necklace when you posted it, and absoluetly loved it, im trying to get back into necklaces and i love this one. i went to accesorize today and asked if they had any left and just when we went over the the sale section another staff member was untangled it! absolutely love it!
    oh and sorry for stealing your necklace! haha

    • haha no worries, it is so awesome it is vital that it is shared!!! it goes with everything i wear! if you have any photos of you wearing it sometime id love to see them, i could even put one on the blog, haha!:)

  3. Nat

    Hellooo :)

    I came across your youtube page randomly… via de uni book haul…? Really interesting!! Now I have discovered your blogs and I love them too! I admire your ability to throw 3 things together and there you have it: an awesome outfit.

    I shall keep coming back to see what you’re upto :)

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