Boiling day, saggy under-eyes, chores to do – Beige was the colour of the day.

Of course, not going for, but hitting anyway, the gypsy vibe. I swear I belong in a caravan.

Top: New Look. Shirt: No idea. Bracelets: a pressie from Natalie the great. I love them. Don’t you just love when friends buy what you would have bought yourself?

if my gypsy powers are as prominant as my gypsy clothing tenancies, I predict an erradicating of the bags via Bio Oil and more sleep, an eventual hair cut when I eventually get my pay cheque and a recurrenceof these wonderful bracelets in posts to come.

Oh and sorry for publicising your personal details, whoever’s phone number this is on my hand.



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2 responses to “Beige.

  1. :-D
    Wonderful post.
    “I swear I belong in a caravan” made me fall under the table laughing.
    And funny pic comment!
    The third picture is one of your BEST!

    Do you write phone numbers on your hands too?

  2. Nat

    I love how my presents get into your outfits and piccys :) I love you even more :D x

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