The She Wolf

We were so lucky to win free tickets to The Clothes Show Live. This is one of the jumpers/tops I bought there with my really quit borderline hypothetical money. I was so poor. It was an unfortunate time to be so lucky…

The top was just so gorgeous and understated I just had to hope my ship would come in eventually and forward myself alittle green stuff. It was from the brand ‘CCKT’ and was designed by a new fashion graduate, so its always nice to support an emerging artistic cause. And gain something beautiful in the process.  To me it achieves all my aspirations of being classy and understated, without actually completely BEING classy and understated. Its still  a little slouchy and  a little reminicent of native america – so it still slips under the ‘me’ barrier.

The necklace was also a great find the day before in Accesorise, while wandering Covent Garden.

It was such a statement, so rewearable and SO like the tattoo I have toyed with getting for so long, that I only had to fasten the chain and it was like she and I had never seen a sunrise without the other.

Ok, well, it can’t be a she – the tusks – but my tattoo would definitely be tusk-less and womanly. And a feminist at that.


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