In Which Kathy Goes Rummaging In Her Dressing Up Box.

I know what your thinking.

Harem Pants.

But really, once, my mind was as sceptical as yours.

Do me a favour. Try some on. Your thighs will thankyou.

Quite apart from them sinching you beautifully at the waist, all that summer cellulite just has some private time to just flap around for a day and be its self.

Comfortable doesn’t cut it. And I love these because they’re red and statementy, and everyone knows that I’m truely not ashamed to be wearing something so taboo – even if they do have a circus air to them.

So what if the are the crocs of the clothing world?

S club 7 spent way too much of their time and energy teaching me to ‘wave my hands like I just don’t care’ for me to stop now. I love them.

And I’m sure I must rock them way better than my seven year old self professing as Aladin.

Plus,  with a party trick like this , who can really argue their worth?

( THANKYOU Bev for photography, also note the Noah and The Whale concert t-shirt – give them a listen or die very unhappy )

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