Dirty, Horrible, Disguising Beautiful Coveted Things

I hate to Covet.

I really do.

I think it’s immoral, wrong, selfish, dirty…..

But with these things in existence WHO CAN REALLY HELP IT.



Filed under Accessories, Hair, tit bits

2 responses to “Dirty, Horrible, Disguising Beautiful Coveted Things

  1. I hate to covet too. But I do sometimes. Everyone does sometimes, I think. For example when I see someone with pretty, neat nails that I can’t have because I play guitar.

  2. That rainbow hair is so cool!

    I use a Canon Digital Rebel EOS with a 50 mm/1.4 f lens. I use picnik.com to edit most of my photos and I also use Photoshop CS4 sometimes. I usually only correct the exposure when needed and brighten/alter the colors slightly.

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