The Big Back Logg

wow, that title really just sounds like something you should consult your GP about – but I like it, and its true, I have so many outfits to share I’ve got serious clothes constipation, sorry guys!!!

(btw check the OPI nail varnish I nicked from Hat – oooo shiney)

Everythings been mad what with moving house and exams (and then proceeding week of celebrating the end of said exams)… and whatnot. Anyway I’m going to attempt to share with you here the stuff you’ve missed (or I’ve missed telling you) and then maybe we can all go on our merry old way and be bestest friends again, yes? yes. good. :)

So after an unexpected spout of modesty, a dollop of shyness, denial of ageing and a shocking lack of need for attention (my I have changed since my theatre days!) I decided to tottle my way home for my birthday.

Which can only really mean lots of love, cake, spoiling,  free food, summer bbqs and copious amounts of rainbow jelly curtsy of my brother, mini norms.

And then theres of course some of my old wrinkling nearest and dearest and, oh yeah, the boyfriend. The days were filled with lye-ins, pub lunches, open-mike nights and sealife centre trips ….

Anyway, the outfits damn it, the outfits! Here’s my ‘Birthday Suit’

hahah. I really wish I could help it. truely, I do.

This dress is my very first official online fairtrade buy, and I love it! Its from Ascension ( and I REALLY recommend them, the clothes are lovely, it came super fast and my card didnt go through the first time (my bad!) and they rang me and were so personal and chatty and nice. Seriously.

Next up is some fun fancy dress going on of the late; 80s night….

Goth Night…

Just a note; going to a rave night as a goth can really feel very liberating (if you don’t mind being spat on by the rugby team!;) )

Golf Night…

Here’s one just from some revision day at the library in my cosy new old man cardi  – God bless you Salvation Charity Shop for surrendering this item for a mere pound!

And the scarf is Asda, would you believe it.

Ah, and the infamous meal up Constitution Hill with my Methsoc pals, really, riding in a fanicular is the ultimate in style. Here’s me waiting at the end by the station bit;

You may recognise the dress as the runner up to my eventual May Ball dress. Tidy.

Well, thats all for now folks! *chews on carrot in a Bugs kinda way*


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  1. I like your style! Very nice pictures! The scarf and the red cardigan is a perfect combination.

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