Castle On a Cloud

So currently due to some limited internet access time and extensive library interaction, there have been little posts. I’m sorry. However, the picture taking has continued, resulting in serious OUTFIT BACK LOG.

I would try to remedy this by making a monster post, but I’m just not feeling that generous. Plus where would be the FUN in that??!

So here’s some beyond wonderful pictures taken by Hattie (check her blog, its on the ‘about this blog’ page at the top) except this one above with the flowers, that was me. We braved the ABERYSTWYTH HEATWAVE (never did I think I’d use that phrase without heavy sarcasm!) and went for a wonder in the ruined castle, possibly my favorite place in the whole town.

Pretty isn’t it??!! Just don’t all come move here, I like the quiet.

The ‘special interest’ feature to this outfit is that all I’m wearing is TOPS.

the top is a top.

the skirt is a top.

the scarf is a top.

long live the revival of pieces of cloth. Which is all they are, if you really think. I’m trying this theory and seeing how many more outfits I gain! watch this space.x



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2 responses to “Castle On a Cloud

  1. Haha am I really the first reply to your incredible read.

  2. You have done it once more! Great writing.

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