The Life Processes and Nice Dresses

Just a quick one today, I’m pooped. Gold and Pink, glorious colours.

Cardigan River – Island via Charity Shop, Top – (worn over dress) Next via Charity Shop, Dress – Forever 21 in San Francisco last summer :)

No, I went nowhere, I saw (barely) anyone, I’ve been trying to get my art portfolio done for tomorrow. I know. I’m sad. But this is how I still know I dress for me, and me alone.

This outfit also matches my new glasses. Little pleases me more. Today anyway. But today’s ventures really haven’t been that hard to top. I did like most of the 7 life processes, respiration, growth, nutrition, excretion, movement (just), sensitivity (when I burnt myself cooking rice)… I guess the only one left to complete is reproduction…

… looking at the time, that is probably a job for tomorrow.


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One response to “The Life Processes and Nice Dresses

  1. I really don’t know how those tights have lasted. They’re about to fall apart. I actually have two pairs of them, though I can’t find the newer pair right now, to my dismay. I’m gonna have to find them soon, once my old ratty pair finally falls apart!

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