Simple Clothes and Abusive Relationships

Ok, so today was of medium-to-little consequence,  my art term portfolio is due Monday so I’ve basically been cutting and sticking  and staring into sweet space all day. In anticipation of such a simple day, simple dressing could only follow.  This dress I bought in a boutique in Aberystwyth near the beginning of the year, but if I’m honest it hasn’t had many outings due to its kind of unflattering waist line. Originally the matching ribbon that is now in my hair was in belt loops around the waist, but as you can see, it spends little time there.

I’ve never done matching hair ribbon and dress before (if you look closely the neckline is the same delicate pinstripe) – I enjoyed it, I think I might venture to it again.  This scarf thingy is from H&M, but like the ribbon, it is rarely used for it’s origional purpose. I enjoy it round my waist just as much as around my neck.

That’s the outfit post. On a side note;


I’m sure this sentence could be finished any number of ways, but truly, I have recently found my own personal truth to end with.

…WHEN your boyfriend leaves a whole great slab of oozing galaxy sexualness bar in your room for a fortnight, knowing fore well that you are dairy intolerant.

There are some sick buttmunchers out there ladies, be careful.

So, I’m in my room allllllll day.

I look at it.

I stroke it.

I take it out of the wrapper… juuuuuust to smell it.

I take macro pictures of it. Because it is beautiful.

I eat it.


In my defence, NOT ONLY am I only human. I am only woman.

and I’m paying for it in snot and tears today.

dont judge me I hate you all the world is a mean place you cant trust

have a nice evening everyone! xxx


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