And How Many Pennies for my Philippino Friend?

I feel like wearing a bin bag forever.

I’d just like to say…

How did the world get like this.

Yes Topshop, I like your clothes. They are very nice.


That wasn’t what I asked though was it?
I want to know that your not going to be a dick with my money.

I want to know that fashion is as fun for me as it is for them.
Yes, them.
You know.

Yes, I like clothes. Not for anyone else. I like fabric. I use fabric in my art. I like to wear art. I like to live in it.
Yet companies like the CCC (Clean Clothes Campaign don’t recommend a boycott. I guess because it leads to Jobs being lost here, and eventually a collapse of the company and NO income for the workers eventually. And I can’t afford the little range of  non-middle-aged clothes available to me online. Which would lead me to just carry on buying and write the odd letter to David Cameron every now and then?
Besides the thought of correspondence with David, there are other unappealing hesitations that just make me want to go

There must be SOMETHING I can do.

all the CCC seem to be doing though is asking us to write letters. The deep buried confrontational mammal inside me just wants to stride in to the corporate management office of H&M and have a fit throwing mini potted palm trees and latte makers at their heads for having so much power and being so stupid with it.

But did we give them that power?

And surely if I stop feeding (not excessively, but enough) into the fashion industry, great artists in fabric will never get commissioned to work, and thats sad. Just imagine, Alexander McQueen takes a job in accounting instead because he can’t support himself long enough to develop that long awaited and long mourned talent all crushed and rolled and flat-packed inside him.


any solutions, or shared grievances are welcome in the comments box!:)


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