Office Gypsy

Loook! at my new grandad jacket. Even better, because of my blocked nose, I can’t smell the charity shop old man smell apparently exuding from it according to Hattie! Feeling very Bohemian via Gypsy via Aging lecturer today. All these pictures must give the impression I spend alot of time studying in the library.

Half true.

I spend alot of time in the library, but mainly cus I like the smell.

hope my nose becomes fully functioning again soon!

The said jacket is Charity Shop yesterday, shoes -Clarkes (bored of these yet? I’m not!) Belt – the belt….. the belt found me.

The skirt/dress/wrap around thing is from The Peace Festival held every year in Lemmington Spa. Really looking forward to it this summer. See you there?



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2 responses to “Office Gypsy

  1. riotflower

    Perfect outfit to liven up the library! Are the birds humming birds or ducks- I’ve convinced myself of both.
    I also love the smell of the library! Old books smell wonderful and full of potential- especially when they’re sweet from the (sadly) decaying paper!

    • im GUNNA say theyre hummingbirds, first because you cant see any webbed feet but mostly because I want them to be :) much more dreamy.
      hmm they really do – I really must get down to reading some! :) thanks for commenting :)

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