Steampunk Monday

So, I wouldn’t say I know an awful lot about the Streampunk movement – my friend Ruth really likes it and she is where I first heard the term, but I didn’t think much more of it until I stumbled upon some very cool steampunk themed weddings on!

It totally inspired me to have a go and putting some of my own lonely old clothes together to see if I could create a similar effect. So here are my efforts!

I would try and give you an explination here of what steampunk is, but it could go inaccurately and embarrassingly wrong seeing as I really am only inspired by it, I do not know that much. If you are curious you are probably much better wiki-ing it yourself :)

I tried to capture the stripes and tweed kind of Victoriana feel, and I now kind of feel like that character out of Wind In The Willows… you know the one…

No all I need are some goggles I suppose..

I feel like my glasses are such that they could potentially do?

Anyway, over and ………..

oh yeah small matter of little importance…


It the blog from the ‘about this blog’ section and its pretty famous. There was alot of squeels of glee echoing around my halls of residence last night. Sorry fellow ytoung scollars, somethings are truely too exiting to be non verbal.

‘steamy’ kisses, Kathy x



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2 responses to “Steampunk Monday

  1. Llio

    it was through whatyouwore that I found your blog – which I think is fab btw – love the outfits – and I went to Aber, so I like that I recognise some of your backgrounds! keep it up! :) x

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