Ball Dresses and Balls Ups


But obviously amongst all the tights and armpit shaving, the fake eyelash application and the painstaking nail colour co-ordination, came a similarly world changing event – The Election Announcement.

Since this blog parades Cardigans over Camerons, Blouses over Browns and Polonecks over Politicians, I won’t say much. All I will say is that the normally appealing blues and saphire items just didn’t look so appealing in the harsh light of friday the seventh.  Big FACEPALM Britain, lets get it together.

So here’s my mourning outfit. Yes, moUrning. For our generation. For facepalm elections and us all being alittle headless chickenly box ticking.

H&M dress paired with big black tshirt (not a brand – yet) and charity shopped shoes, I think origionally from New Look.

Now, on to the real things in life… The Aberystwyth May Ball.

Thankyou for all your votes :) In the end I went with this one, I just felt more comfortable in it in the end (plus the boyfriend vote was a minor factor) If you think its unfair, we can go into consultation about a electorial reform.

ok, ok, no polotics, starting……

Yes, its my hippy skirt doing a shapeshifter from a few posts back :) I love the lace detailing and tie dye together, its kind of Victoriana Hippy. Worn with my trusty scout belt and Jaeger Blazer.

Oh and who’s this little guy?

Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce you: World, my favourite handbag in all of the galaxy; Handbag, World.

Its so fussy its divine.

So yes, overall Ball experience gets lots of thumbs and fingers and toes up. Boxes ticked:

Epic Feeder set, a famous but obliviously embarrassing DJ to mock (thanks for volunteering Westwood!), Oxygen bar, fair ground, crazy drunk welsh people, mud, burgers, bungee jumps….

Oh yeah and I MAY have met Bradley from Sclub 7, been a little bit liberal in my breeching of personal space, and told him a few times that he ‘changed my childhood’, which was greeted with an awkward smile and an expected restraining order from his lawyer in the post any day now.



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One response to “Ball Dresses and Balls Ups

  1. Oh dear Kathy. My bag’s in the corner of the top picture, and right in the middle of it is the pack of sanitary towels. Oh dear.

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