Have I Got News For You – Dress Crown Friday

If you watch my youtube you probably know I have a mammoth essay in so being on here should probably be illegal for me (although what with hung parliament they probably won’t be able to make a decision fast enough to pass the motion – nether the less I’ll be quick in case they do) and also


you’ll have to watch this space to see which dress I eventually pick. Turns out I will also have a man on my arm now too, which as we all know is the ultimate accessory ;)

I got the full Welsh experience of voting yesterday which apparently differs from English ones – there were small minibuses going back and forth to the next village crammed with pollcard-clutching students to take us to the next village to vote. It was quite the field trip!

Obviously it did not look like this, but I feel as a young voter it would have been a great ploy to keep me in my voting habbits.

Oh right what were we meant to be talking about? oH, the dress, right, the dress….

Well todays honour can only go to way down the shoulders of the very talented Gary Harvey. Obviously the prestigiousness of this award will probably give some battering to his spine or atleast some mild backache, but don’t worry Gaz, its so worth it.

This one is the official winner although I will put some other corkers from the collection at the bottom, pinky swear. How completely awesome is this? It remind me abit of a newspaper dress I saw Amy Winehouse in years ago. I can’t find it on the internet, It must be in my magazine library under my bed at home…

(never has the definition of library been translated so loosely)

He is my hero not only because he made this dress from 30 pages of the financial times, but because he makes his very prestigious clothes predominantly from second hand clothing and other materials.He is like the ‘fashion-with-a-concience’ god. His collection “was a comment about thinking about the real cost of the garment that you buy, about that cost being natural resources, exploitation of labour, the biodegradable nature of garments.”

I think I’m in love.

Hawian shirts, drinks cartons, old man coats, will.he.stop.at.nothing.

This post is getting to be longer than my essay – probably the point at which I should stop.


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One response to “Have I Got News For You – Dress Crown Friday

  1. I know the dress you’re talking about! It was in an Elle interview! I’ll see if I got around to ripping up that issue to put in my book!
    I can’t believe how linked we are at the brain sometimes.
    Also, coming up at 5 if that’s alright?

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