Enlisting YOU.

OK, I am enlisting you guys to help with my obese conundrum! only 48 hours to the May  Ball and I still don’t know which dress I’m wearing. I have been deliberating for weeks to no avail and the time has come to seek wisdom outside of my sphere.

I’m such a girl.

I seriously can’t choose. Hattie took these round her house when I tried them on for her two weeks ago, when i burdened the very same angst. Please help!

If you are reading this vote below and I will read them at the end of the day and take your word for it – I am that desperate.

On the one hand the first is fairtrade, but I’m afraid alittle too wrap around beachy, and the second is from New Look, as I have mentioned before, so there is potential for a double take some-one-wearing-the-same-dress disaster. Which I dont know how much I care, but yeah, it factors.

Obviously I’ve styled them both slightly diffrently in the two pictures too, so let me know which you prefer. I’m obviously an indipendant woman and all, but they are all so me its got to the point where it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is I know

which one.

If you could help me out I would be forever indebted to you all.

After all, I’m meeting:

this could be the most important occasion of my life.

and its tomorrow.



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5 responses to “Enlisting YOU.

  1. Tif

    The first one :)

  2. Mart

    the one with the cream lace top part with no belt looks beautiful…. have fun at the ball princess

  3. Kate

    The third one is very pretty x x

  4. Katie

    I like the second first one, which being a different reply to all of the above, may not be that helpful. You could close your eyes and point?

  5. Sarah Miriam

    The very last one, :)
    It’s elegant and shows your figure loverly – plusssss… I think it looks best.. ;)
    If I were Nathan, I’d like you in that one. hehe! xx

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