Home For The Weekend

Books taught me that however clammy, smoggy or urban your place of origin is, it always holds strange healing powers for the hero in distress. This week, I was definitely a heroine in distress, and as it happens the fabled cure turned out to re-heronise me too:)  Train rides and boyfriends admittedly were my main medicine of the weekend.  My friend Hattie lent me this book to read on the train, and I can’t express the healing powers it had over my ride;

Look into it, a great mix of illustration and pointless yet poinient jumble. I love.

Anyway, my good old adopted Nan (also known as ‘Nana Peachy’ – prestigious!) and my mum were going for a walk in Coombe Abbey (by far the best park in Warwickshire) so me and Nathan also bandwaggoned. It was one of those lovely bright but HEAVY days, where the rain is lurking but never seems to drop. Sometimes I find it pressuring, but that day I really just found it kind of comforting – the sky felt closer some how, dominant, as If it was some kinds of big duvet ready to jump down and hug us all at any moment.

On Nathan and I’s travels we discovered a suspicious sight  – a man standing stock still on a tree trunk, saying nothing, breathing nothing, just standing there like the tin man discovered in the forest in Oz. At first I thought it was some kind of official survey or something, but as we got closer it seemed he moved – He glanced at his watch and apparently satisfied with the time he has managed to sustain a one-leg existence, rode off on his bike, expressionless into the next field. It was a shake your head ‘whhaaat?’ moment. Anyway, we then had the trunks to ourselves – magical trunks – just LOOK at them! ;

As for the body coverings, It was majorly from the shadow if wardrobe I haven’t managed to fit in my halls room – Vintage denim hoodie, Mojo denim jacket, New Look dress and jeans, and my new but already beloved Clark’s sandals. Tripple denim. I know, daring. But I didn’t care that day, there were so many other things to care about :)

Cracking yellow flower field too. Perfect for return blogging!

Anyway, I am now back in Aberystwyth and ready to tackle all things Blog -i mean, degree…


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