The Day of the Term-time Holiday

One of the vital components of establishment as a successful university fresher (you know, that point when you know you can go home at Christmas,  look your mums blue rinsed watery eyed friends in the face and truely say, ‘yes, I’m doing smashingly thank you’), I have learnt, is finding good friends to live with in the second year. There’s no time to loose – chains must be locked and sealed with a pint and a reasonably oversized deposit well before January. Luckily, I have managed to scrape myself in seven lovely fresh things for housemates – we all have very varying backgrounds but I think its is fair to say that with madness levels, it is a level playing field :)

So yesterday I went with four of the girls to New Quay! This is New Quay, Wales, very diffrent but mixable with NewquEy (one word), Cornwall – but equally as idillic. Lots of sun, arcades, ice cream,  sandcastle building and laughter later, I found myself at home sporting this great piece of fabric and alot more sand than I left with. The perfect one day holiday mid-term :)

Of course, no trip with Kathy is complete without a mini disaster… Sarah dropping beer on my head was only followed by a 10 minute interval before a wanted Seagull (the welsh bobbys are out looking for him now) dropped a big one down the side of my head and onto my arm as I was on the phone. Tidy.

The local ‘£1.20 shop’ – oh yes – and some classic beach public toilets later, I was gleaming again – well ok, I had my usually shiney-ish rustic tint back.

Anyway, enough of the fineries, on to the loot. How freaekking woodstock is this skirt??!

Its kind of peachy pink tye-dye with beautiful lace trimming, which puts it for me on a magically rare scale between gypsy and renaissance – perfection. I love how many different ways you can wear wrap arounds as well, I’m sure you’ll see her reading in for lots of different roles in future posts!

Posey Mosey. You can just see my birds peaking out too!

Oh sorry how rude of me!!!

Please, let me introduce you both. Sandals, this is the world, World? these are my new sandals…

I decided for one I would stop torturing my feet and actually get a decent upstanding pair of shoes. Clarks no less. I’m so in love with them, and I dare say they are warming to me despite the occasional nip. Rubbing with leather shoes is part of the process though I’m told, im sure we’ll get used to eachother:)

Bye for now!


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