The Shoes, The Shoes – Community Clothing Two

Gorgeous shoes, No?

I went on a revisit to Rah – the outward motivation of the trip was to introduce her properly to my boyfriend, but obviously my real intentions were more to do with her footwear collection.

I just love how devil-may-care high they are! I’d probably need a risk assessment to walk in them, but because of their beauty, that is by the by. As you can see they are ALITTLE big for me, but lets not portray Rah as a bigfoot – i have ridiculous short wide feet. It is actually a mercy she let me try them on, usually these babies are banned from her footwear in the fear of a stretchy situation. So thankyou Rah for taking the chance with me! ;)

The thing thats really unusual and eye-catching about them is the strong pink sole – I love how its outlined in black, makes it look almost comic book like.

Anyway, despite not wearing them out of the house, I designed an outfit around them anyway (i think – or was it the other way around). Perhaps they designed the outfit around me.

The tights were a present, so was the necklace (from afore mentioned boyfriend :) ), the skirt is charity shop, the top and scarf worn as a belt – H&M, and the cardigan primark.

Oh. The Shoes?


I mean … Office.

Oh, and I’m wacking this last one in for Rah’s benefit;

For some reason she thinks its hilarious. Bloody country folk….



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