Having a Flemishly Good Time – Dress Crown Friday

Were going a bit Belgian this friday with a gob-gobbler from Oliver Theyskens;

Now, our May Ball is coming up, and I know in my heart the primary function of my attendance is to see Feeder and Sclub perform (surely it is everyones?!!), I really would like to look nice for it. NOW, if I had this dress (perhaps in peach instead? or Coral – No offence to Oliver, its just I could see it so well in a creamy romantic floaty renaissance shade? does anyone identify with this?!) , I’m pretty sure I would be contented.

As it is, I’ve had to settle for two numbers from New Look – of which I can’t pick between. Buying from New Look in Aberystwyth is a risk, I know, as the limited shop supply means I COULD have that great disaster every girl dreads – A girl wearing the same dress. But I’ve been questioning myself lately on how much I care. We spend so much of our lives trying to prove through our clothes that we are so diffrent and unique… but maybe through clothes we can also recognise our similarities? Common, some dresses are just PRETTY. And isn’t it cool when someone else thinks so too? Why is it a bonding excercise for two women to shop together and admire the same items and fall in love with the same beautiful clothes – yet such a crime for them to both own the same beautiful objects? I meen, providing you look good in the dress, who cares who else is wearing it? maybe? I presonally would probably be innitually alittle thrown off and gutted, but at the same time find it quite funny and grab them and get lots of pictures with them too.

I am me, but I confess that parts of me correlate with other girls i know – thats how friendships are born! I don’t know, maybe this is all a BIG rant to justify me wearing one of my dresses……. they are so devastatingly pretty!!! Maybe I will post pictures of them when I find the time.

In the meen time, Adieu from Belgium!


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