The McQueen Scandal – Dress Crown Friday

OK, so I know I’ve skipped a few beats in the dance of ‘Dress Crown Friday’, but I’m here to temper the sting (DRESS the wound, if you will) with a flow of my favourite Alexander McQueen dresses. I have to admit to you, my actual attention to designers and NAMES in the fashion industry really doesn’t match the rest of my interest in fashion. Its shameful, I guess, but true. I’ve been making the effort lately though I promise.

So for whatever sin, the first I heard of Alexander McQueen as that he had died. I know. My reaction to my friend Hattie’s mourning period at his death was only ‘Who’s He?!’.

But upon closer investigation he’s……. he’s…….. WELL, you’ll see……….

The real injustice is that, not being a size 4 six foot super model, he never got to wear any of this ASTONISHINGAWESOMENESSS himself. Proof surely, that life IS a bitch?


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