Community Clothes

So, I like to live in community with my friends, especially when it comes to clothes. Sharing is my fave, and when I went to intrude on my dopplegander Rah in her country home, we proceeded with our usual ritual of showcasing all our garment finds since the last time we saw each other.  Seriously, we get so in to it sometimes it is surprising we don’t use powerpoint. The show and tell is usually proceeded the next morning by an avid sampling of each other’s clothes, and further discussion – how they feel, how they smell, how well they fit, who they would suit … lalala.

So this is my creation. One of our little wardrobe love children, if you will. The Skirt made all of the rest of it happen to be fair, its AWESOME. It’s Rah’s and its from Select (I returned home this easter not only to find my family had replaced our old fridge with not a thought to tell me, but also to find that they have closed Coventry’s Select, so I couldn’t copyher –!). The socks are my first ASOS find that I haven’t sent back, I enjoy them thoroughly, purple tights were a preasent, the top is H&M, the cardi is River Island odour la Charity Shop and the flower is also Rah’s.

Rah also put together a cute ill bucket of juicy clothes – my green H&M tutu, which I have had since I was about 13 and have never found an eventuality where it is not appropriate, and her very girlie/nautical stripey top from i-dont-know-where-but-I-will-ask. I like it, its kinda prep meets cheerleader meets fairy…

Oh and what would be a Rah/Kathy get together without some accessory exploitation?!


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