Queen Of The Castle

Taken in one of my favorite places on earth, the ruined castle in Aberysytwyth. Thanks Nat for photography!

So I can’t wait to drape myself in flowers and float-flowing goodness this spring, but OUTRAGEOUSLY I’m not being dealt the raw weather to play with! Thanks a bundle Britain. SO, layers it is. Historically the waistcoat and I haven’t had a great relationship oweing to my suspicion that she is out to plant bulbs all around my chicken wings screaming ‘LOOK AT ME!’ , but this one from ASOS via-Charity-shop is beginning to turn my tides. I love how I can drape the floatiness over the rim of it too, helps the dress and the waistcoat chime I feel.


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One response to “Queen Of The Castle

  1. Kathy I’m feeling jealous…. what happened to our castle photoshoot???!!
    Nah really, these look awesome :)

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