Fcuk it, I love them.

Is it me, or do you love the new French Connection adverts? I don’t know, theres just something so insanely relateable yet elegant  about them, you can’t help but like them. Well, I can’t anyway. I think the humour may be an aquired taste.

Having never bought a item of clothing from them in all my teenager years (sort of for an objection to price, mainly because I didn’t want the anagram of a swear word emblazoned on my still developing bosom!) I am now somewhat tempted to explore. I just love the tounge in cheekness and simplicity and honesty. The man ones are great too if you care to look on the tube.

Whatever you think, its deffinately an improvement from their previous campains, exploiting ‘whitty’ (the inverted commas have never been awarded to a more deserving candidate) phrases of the english language and replacing the ‘F*ck’ with ‘Fcuk’. I think it was inevitable that they had to wait till I was almost 20 to deserve a high five from me, but they finally have earnt it. Well Done French Connection!


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One response to “Fcuk it, I love them.

  1. It’s the French accent! And the black and white shooting. Ah, I want that flowery dress so much… *sighs*
    I thought the card worked quite well as a header, I was thinking of drawing something with the words kind of arranged around a discoball but think it might be a bit fiddly. I tried once. It didn’t turn out well. However, I think with the glitter on the card it fits in nicely. And quite sums up my attitude to clothes I think.
    As for dressing up every time, hells yeah!!

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