Ode to Comfy Jumper

yes, yanks, JUMPER not sweater. I got bullied for this a lot while I was in America, it just made my passion for the word (and the garment) stronger. Anyway, on to mine;

On a bad day, I can revert to my inner sheep farmer’s wife – you know, the ones that bake pies and have somehow sexily big stomachs and grow their own veg and have such hearty laughs you think they must know all the answers to life’s questions and can laugh anyway… to me, that is being grounded.

We were united in an Aberystwyth charity shop (I forget which) and have since been comforting each other against life’s winds. She also looks cool with skinny jeans, when I dont want to try. I love those pieces you pick up second hand and always wonder who wore them before you, what they were like. I think I would have liked this woman.

So there you have it. In fact, I’m going to go put her on now! do any of you have a jumper you just don’t know how you did without?


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One response to “Ode to Comfy Jumper

  1. I’d been reading British novels for years before I realized a jumper was a sweater! Well, maybe not years (that makes me sound a bit dense, doesn’t it?). Anyhow, cute and funny post. I don’t think I have any sweaters I can’t live without, but I do have a short, belted faux fur leopard coat that I should probably toss but somehow keep wearing.

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