Von Trapping

It appeared again in my consciousness today that my inner child is probably never going to buggar off.

This, when it comes to outfit ideas, can never really I suppose be a bad thing.

Yesterday was a day like any other – I’d presumed.

I didn’t realised until I’d left the house, of course, that I had subconciously dressed as Maria Von Trapp without even realising! Sigh, words fail me at my own splendidness!

You know the bit, when she’s just sung ‘I have confidence’ and is hanging back at the gate of Mr.Swave-Von Trapp’s house with that hat and grey blazer and 40’s look about her. I only wish I’d have had a suitcase to hand!

I borrowed this hat from the friend I had been visiting to really ‘cap’ it off (ha-ha-groan) and set off on our planned art project for that day.

Thankfully, I was unsucessful in resisting a gate shot. Sigh, I felt so wonderfully and romantically Austrian!

I think this could be the start o a series of themed character outfits, hm…….


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  1. Do it! The themed outfits I mean.

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