The Double Denim Challenge

So, me and Hattie, Hattie and I, have been debating for some time now the merits and sins, ricks and possible victory of the fabeled fashion sin; DOUBLE DENIM. Various combinations and stragigies were devised, discussed and disguarded. But as this week progressed I realised I was loosing more and more possible outfits to the ‘dirty pile’ – I decided that I would seek help from a decade I have never lived in, and call for some help from the 80s.

The vulgarly tight jeans translated to jeggings – big earings, big shirts and flip over hair. If I could have permed my hair into a big mane for the day, I would have. Just for you guys.

So, do we think sucess or failure – I happend to be hanging out with my christian friends this night, so they COULDN’T judge me, ha.

Over and Snout X


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