What Can I Say? I Just Look-Letted Myself Go!

Its just another simple story of love…

Girl meets fashion website, allowing her to be child whist mildly retaining any possible ‘chic’ credits she might have aquired by default. Girl and website fall in love. She gives him her password, her life, her heart.

but then things change.

He starts to take more – her VIP cereal eating time, her eyebrow plucking time, her social time, her DEGREE GETTING TIME. Before she knows it, this dashing but dangerous website has sucked up more than her heart – her sanity seems to be up the shoot too.

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, lucky you, great, blessed are the pure of mind…

But, sadly, I’m about to ruin everything for you…


This stuff is Barbie GOLD. Like playing dress up, yet more intricate, more challenging , more exiting… AND – you can actually BUY the clothes on there – they’re REAL. (Ok, so I probably won’t be able to afford most of the stuff on there, save the Zara and H&M stuff, but you know, its nice to know you COULD, or someone somewhere could…)

Mess with the faces, the backgrounds, the underwear, the expressions….

I won’t speak much more, just play my friends, play. I haven’t yet been sad enough to dive into the trunk of ‘excess-obsess’ that is the Looklet forums – where everyone shares their outfits and various users become famous in with lookletland and are fawned over by other 13year old addoring fans – but I’m aware, things may change, someday.. after all, I haven’t started to read my Jane Austen book for my course yet… procrastination resources might need an extra boost.

(yeah, ok, so I got obsessed with the red heads – To psyco-analyse myself, I owe it I think to a childhood full-on obsession with ‘The Parent Trap’)
Anyway, what do you guys think? lame? yet another god-gift to woman kind (of course, his first three being men and heels and Vaseline)? Already discovered it? addicted? Or did I JUST pollute your mind? Ooops!
Obviously, these are my dollies, but feel free to post your own creations in the comments! very curious!

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One response to “What Can I Say? I Just Look-Letted Myself Go!

  1. Ha ha look what I did! I myself spent about an hour on it earlier just composing one outfit! I take this WAY too seriously.

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