Unrequited Love

Are these not the most beautiful shoes you have ever seen????

Nay, do not shroud me with your negativity – THEY ARE. They almost shouldn’t be on mankinds most dirty and lowest body part – they should be in a gallery, in a museum – they should be in the FREAKING V&A.


‘Valentino Garavani; Made To Order.’

It may as well say ‘No Kathy. Turn the page peasant girl.’

I feel like John Smith when he realised Pocohontas and he were from completely diffrent cultures and could never be together in reality. That would make Valentino the one who shot me, I suppose.

Anyway, back to ‘Medieval Romances’ and all things degree. Lets face it, even if I could, I’m so opinionated, I’d probably have SOME kind of moral objection to spending that much on shoes when it came to it.



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One response to “Unrequited Love

  1. How loved do I feel right now????!!!! I got a big fat mention! There is a great big huge fat smile on my face. It’s beautiful Kathy, that hairclip is the SCHIZZ. And I have an old Guide belt of my mums that I wear sometimes! Unfortunately, I have her proper ancient one but it’s sort of too small to fit around my waist, it restricts my breathing somewhat. But I sometimes wear her new one which I can wear with jeans. But it makes me sad it doesn’t fit round my wrist. And those shoes are AMAZING. Unfortunately, my camera is somewhat broken atm, it sort of froze in the middle of turning off and now the lens is half in/half out. Buuuutttt, after our conversation the other day, I’m thinking of doing a piece about Sky and her influence on my early years-what do you think? xxxxx
    By the way, this EPIC comment is on here because Facebook is being shit.

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