Alittle of Spring, alittle of Winter – What Kathy Wore

At the moment I’m struggling to dress for warmth AND happiness at the same time – it seems that spring and winter really can’t corrilate into one outfit, but I’m trying.

I love these gloves, my matey natalie bought them for me for Christmas, toastie:) the trousers are nice stretchy elastic-belted jeans I bought in antisipation of the festive (free food!) feast – I intended to stock up on edible food at home over Christmas, as the stuff I cook, my housemates will assure you, can sometimes be below the recognised edibility line. There from CK ONE. The belt, who knows. the flower and top, Dorothy Perkins and the necklace was a present from my Godmother from Brazil.

Yes, I’m not wearing any shoes – mainly because I’ve put myself on house arrest in order to get my work done. But now I’m clearly on wordpress. hm.



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