Don’t Cry For Me

You know when one little item inspires and itches you to slap on a whole outfit based around it? Its as if it knows how glimmering and brilliant it is, and wants you to make it the centre of attention! Well, today, it was this little lady;

She’s a hairslide I must have got years ago – my auntie is from Argentina, and brought it back for me for some forgotten birthday on the edge of my memory. On a recent trip home, I found it under my bed among disguarded hairbrushes and fluff, and just had to rescue it, because it is so obviously destined for glory. Shame one of the fruit is gone. I’ll let you know when I find out where one finds mini wooden mangos in wales.

So here’s the outfit. I wanted to go a bit leather, earthy in an Argentine way, but also a baggy woollen way, given the current west-walien wind blowing through Aberystwyth.

The tights and black long top are Primark (sigh, a reminder of my past sins… poor Guatemalan children !), the cardigan is charity shop (Cats Protection, if memory serves me), the rings…. well, ill have to do a whole other post on my rings…the belt is my dads old-old scout belt from when he was a child!! haha. just about fits round my midriff, not bad!

Are those monopoly hotels I see in your ear????!! YES world, they are. My friend makes them, Ruth, get them here, i love it all; so that’s it for today, see you again soon world


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